Colby Branch/Crowley Fleck

Billings, MT

This rig model was designed and built to work as an office display as well as a transportable tool for litigation. At 1/48 scale, it stands 42" tall and sits on a 24" x 36" maple base with a scoria rock platform and comes with a plexiglass cover for protection.

"Nothing brings the oilfield indoors like a scale model drilling rig from Mitchell Precision. This model draws attention wherever it goes, whether at a trade show or in the office. Realism is key, and you won't find this level of detail and accuracy anywhere else. Mitch Griess spent years in the oilfield actually working with this kind of equipment. He knows it inside and out, by form and by function. His knowledge and pride in craftsmanship are evident in the final product. Every drilling rig is unique, and so are Mitch's models. He will work with you to design a scale model that you will be proud to own."

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