About MPR Models

At MPR Models, Our scale model drilling rigs are designed and built with precise and impressive accuracy out of polystyrene plastic. THESE ARE NOT MODEL KITS. Every piece of equipment from the trucks to the drill rig model is custom fabricated – there are no pre-manufactured parts. The process includes an extensive amount of research, measurements, photographs and an understanding of how the equipment works before construction begins. Each drill rig model, workover rig model or other oilfield related model comes with a specially designed base with an earthen platform with options of either a tempered glass parameter or plexiglass cover depending on the project.

Clients have options to choose color themes, specific equipment, and model type such as a particular style of model drill rig or model workover rig. Although we will explore designing in alternative scales, a 1/48” scale is our standard and is attractive for both for detail and area coverage.

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Depending on the scope of the project, timeline of completion will range from 3 to 12 months.

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